Bian Huaduo the

, boss on teaches the service person , accuses the service person not the good pass, andfines how many Yuan, simultaneously t pigeonhole eaches the new staff.. At the banquet, the Chu imperial edict he favors Ji Xushi to pour out wine for the whole body of ministers , some official's name is Tang , sees Xu Jichang the unusual beautiful appearance, borrows the wind to blow the extin tidewater guish a lamp opportunity, pulls Xu Ji's... to pour out wine star of village feudal official the law seat arrangement law dining service etiquette dining: On promoted diet culture first person of brand recommendation review Guangzhou good food TPO puts the extraordinary splendor.. Advertised for floor minister and the famous service person [ supply and demand information ] the benevolent government road has two sets o penchant f almagest sounds shades urgent need transfer [ Hsintien to be in June open for business] sea bead shop June 8 to fold the preferential benefit [ shop front transfer ]... may such service on the one hand instruct the visitor to use the furniture equipment, on the other hand if the visitors are unsatisfied to the room may trade satisfaction immediately the room, the hotel service person has.. Yama, a young beautiful girl, opens theliquor for us, pours out wine. Her service rigorous specialty, likes truely to pour out wine the service person . Sherry, service time throughout brings... hotel to have certain service people to stand to the entrance, every time has the guest to harness, first the inquiry is several buildings, then eagerly anticipates takes a seat. This does not have thinks any, afterwards only then knew actually was has divided into the guest when.. . poured out wine , it is reported the some county county party committee secretary's young old man declared the blood pressure excessively was high cannot drink wine, had to the drink to replace with us mutually respects. Some people protested that, the author then asks for leniency for him...

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