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the Dongguan leather company | regeneration leather | two cowhides | counter- downs cowhide | sofa leather | box package of leather | handbag cow leather | Guangdong leather | Guangdong leather market | Dongguan leather market | thick street leather market | Shenzhen leather market... current position: Industrious Canadian reason network >> productstoreho prorate use >> leather classification >> raw material fur >> cowhide >> detailed information Spain imports waxes the cowhide model: Product specification: Packing explanation that, .. Our company existing massive Spain imports hits the wax yellow cowhide , the specialty uses in to manufacture the gentleman leather shoes, has the many kinds of colors,has the demand the merchant to welcome the our company to look at a sample The fact domestic ory direct sale, price... to ask to buy the small cowhide 2008-1-2 15:11:00 because of the corporate growth need, presently anxiously strives for to buy a massive wools leather body the small cowhide , the milk cowhide and so on the whole piece fur. Thestock also may! .. My director seeks buys the true colors cowhide packing paper, ,60-65 gram Width: 1150MM, the recycle desolater d paper also may, the request: The quality of material even, good, the quality is stable, may long-term... price 6,700 Yuan sofas to mark is " the cowhide ", after the inspection lining unexpectedly completely is the imitation leather. According to "News Morning paper" reported, New Year's Day period, Shanghai disappears guarantees the committee furniture work.. New Year's Day furniture spot-check: 6,700 Yuan " cowhide chair" unexpectedly is the imitation leather news morning paper price 6,700 Yuan sofas marks is " the cowhide ", after the inspection lining unexpectedly completely is the imitation leather. ...

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