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specialized is engaged in the plush toy, the plush doll, the plush cartoon mascot figure, the plush present, lives at home and Che Yongbao the pillow, , the plush cartoon slipper, the froth granule toy (a nanometer toy), plush toy / plush doll/plush baby and so on froth granule pillow designs, processing, production and sale The leading product includes: The plush, the short plush, the shearing, the black silk ribbon and so on each kind of cloth skill plush... transparent granule -PTFE in Ali anxiously to issu fermentation e the information freeregistration registers th domestic e Ali anxiously home page to increase to the bookmark help center Ali assistant purchases the tool search.. Transparent granule Yu Yao Shiming the abundant plasticizing firm enters the enterprise website to examine the contact method newest supply | company introduces the contact person: Ms. Hu obviously adds for the customer management... former example: When design energetic particle accelerator (cyc almagest lotron), according to classics Newton low speed theoretical design accelerator, when the granule is accelerated to the certain speed (and.. By now the people had thought the high speed movement restrictedtheory of relativity question, through uses the energetic particle accelerator which the theory of relativity computation designs, then made thegranule speed to add once more on. Latter... the CCD already is "beam coupling module" (charged coupled device), it likes the traditional camera the negative same photosensitive system, is inducesthe light the electric circuit installment, you may imagine it a smallinduction granule , the shop fill behind optics lens, when the light and the picture from the lens penetration, project to the ccd surface, ccd can produce the electric current, will induce...

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