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Guizhou the happy abundantharvest [ 10-28 09:46 ] - the positive play different kind character and style [ 10-25 08:26 ] - returns to Guizhou from Jiang Nuogu to survive the winter [ 10-17 08:48 ] - the blue crag Guzhen story to be many [ 10-08 08:36 ] - the Guanling fossil to attract the tourist [ 09-29 08:12 ] - southeast Guizhou Province the state to be established the department hunting dog association [ 09-28... propitious brocade carp fragrant glutinous New Year's greeting lunar new year's cake (chart) (on 24th) the Shanghai ancient well holiday hotel new year the dining activity (on 24th) the Shanghaiworld cyclopentadiene imperial family Chinese mugwort The beautiful hotel celebrates a birthday (on 14th) to feel the out of springe theordinary big floodgate crab delicacy (chart) (on 10th) to experience the Italian type "the public relations circle" the friend to send to (on 10th) when the prawn puts on the pig neck... Warm warm lonefish BLOG The duplication > collects this page of increase for the friendship link Abundant guest home page Individual home page manages abundant guest me article my photo album my circle I to broadcast guest me the good friend to give me the message Individual information Management Lonefish Vigor region Management Individual home page Manages the abundant guest My article My photo album My circle I broadcast the guest My good friend For me message Text categorization Management Visitor The Sina abundant guests recommend the article Management Content Management In data increase... Writes the abundant guest, the participation "my 2008-- I records the activity", wins the cash big prize! The registration register attorney s publishes the article Happy New Year returns looks This article participated in "my 2008- me to record" the activity rule 2008-01-03 13:19:05 Examines the abundant main integral Big center is small Label: I record the emotion space chat In 2007, that gently passed by. Perhaps this for year, is in my growth process experiences a most year. Because works the question, the choice, afterwards the heart had the burdens. Probably all is originally should to this, afterwards very decided, all is from planned, actually did not know, is not from the heart. Now recollects inside, has the slightly regret to intend to, also has very does not talk clearly, unclear. Afterwards faced many, was leaves. Everybody in abundance went out south the ripened fruit garden, did not know whether also has time. Actually works the more than half a year to come, I treat as as before oneself a stud circumscribe ent. I had not thought as before everybody lynchburg separates, only is thought, we still respectively were doing , only in the same place, not frequently met. Afterwards the telephone short note, only then thought that, original everybody was really far. The schoolmate meeting, could come all to come, actually was discovered, kept this city, not to half number of. Life actually as if ascetic practices. Occasionally can have sweetly is comfortable, actually in a flash namely, has stayed behind the trace will be allowed to warm in the future year, also will be allowed to take will fill a prescription. I was have been used to the old calendar new year, always thought only had the old calendar the new year only then to like the new year. But this new year, because approaches old all previous years, has the lightly firecrackers sound all day, only then seeps that jubilation the flavor. 2007 last day, very late only then eats the dinner. In the handset received a box to fill, some short note very late only then received, gathered these warm blessing, tiny actually had the big implication. Cooks spareribs, mapo bean curd, cool vegetable, glutinous rice. Also eats meal, the strange number comes the electricity, meets, is pleasantly surprised. Generation of uncle makes the phone call from Angola to come, to hear to he sound, suddenly recollected the great time, in a hall class, the understanding first male schoolmate is generation of uncle. Ha-ha, that little while we, all not too can run away the class. South present I, return to the ripened fruit garden again, is one kind of feelings which difficult to say, is the dependence, the shed, is not recalls... ... . This remembered that, where unexpectedly absent minded arrived does not know. I am, longed for is protected, has the person which a request has depends on. Unceasingly explores the essence which loves, happy essence. The love, is a happiness, with 1,000 aches. If enough is intelligent, should remember joyful, forgets the ache, thereupon this love only then can be complete. This is one kind deceives oneself and others intelligent and is joyful. This year, in my side, continuously encourages me, accompanies me, thin thin counts, but several people. Because goes to extremes intimately, therefore, very many times, I can demand and request, can excessive doing as one pleases. Also did not fear can annoy the person to become fed up with. Suddenly remembers, childhood several hopes. The small desire, in flap flap the cold wind, is blown as if fully . Hoped the new year, has more unpleasantness, the day even if light, peaceful, also joyfully wants to be happy. In 2008, the general meeting some unknown is pleasantly surprised. Also has some speeches, puts in the heart the steadiest warm that place, said many, actually could not write. Happy New Year! Article quotation from: The commentary ( ) quotes reading ( ) the circle edition printing to have the prize to report to the authorities Preceding: Saw after Anne's book breaks thought In data increase...

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