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to break the soil-rent value impetus house price rise fallacy ! ! Stated: This article certainly not fictionalizes! If has identically is not the coincidence! At present the property development land, all is through incurs the racket to hang publicly sells.. Under I must use hard the fact to come the thorough smashing developer this fallacy , incurs the racket in the land to hang sells, "zero" the soil-rent value sells is not a dream, even if the developer did not spend a cent money... 07 year the Chinese territory" Christmas day to promote sales the activity to start every Wednesday 12 0 to fold greatly rushes to purchase the PPG men's clothing, only needed 99 Yuan stars greatly to reveal Leng Rexing the vehicle to carry the refrigerator no matter what you selected and purchased the ppg men's clothing, delivered the automobile big prize intelligence stock handset,,999 The Yuan limits the quantity sells the soldier to attack -07 year most irritable screen Harley baud 520.8-10=31.6 Yuan! Year Sino-Japanese War legend... Game home page | network game | computer games | television game | electron athletics | high speed downloading | animation world The miniature game | game employment advertise | game yellow page | handset game | evaluation center | game commercial city | captures the secrets Single plane game animation original sound handset game photo album wallpaper animation game plug-in unit network game forum ENet game Origin: Merchant manuscript author: The day dragon more than eight step walks a step of date: 2.008/01/09 billion 15:48 Brushes 777 to brush 3 links to brush the counter- dispute Search: Tianlongbabu I have cannotted bear, each time comes the forum always to see some people to spout rhetoric, to speak irresponsibly, now expresses I opinion on everybody some disputes, mainly provides the principle which is connected, after hoped everybody looked has been able under own experience, did not have to repeat ideas, misleads the new person! First, brushes chess Fallacy 1: In 100 cannot use the skill Fallacy 2: In 150 cannot use the group Fallacy 3: Can speed up the board game piece with the group to renovate the speed Fallacy 4: Brushes the chess not to be able to use the anger Explains as follows: Actually brushes the chess the dispute mainly to concentrate in the board game piece in receives under the skill attack (specially is group skill) can speed up renovates the speed. 1. No matter which team brushes the chess, in does not leave the soul in the situation to brush 200 board game pieces the time is from enters the 25th minute which the transcription starts to 26 minutes between. This is because each team's attack difference creates last the board game piece death time to be different, but the difference absolutely cannot surpass a minute. After (because board game piece comes out a minute to be able to turn chess soul) which forms of defensive action no matter the troop does adopt (with group, with skill, with angry, with evenly attacks) any team not to brush 200 chesses the time to be lower than 25 minutes, what this does explain? How the explanation no matter attacks, the 200th board game piece general meeting enters the transcription after you 25 minute more than 1 time to brush. Everybody later will be allowed to take a stopwatch to brush the chess, under the by oneself observation the board game piece will brush the time. (Entered transcription to be able to prompt you also to have how many second officially to start to fight) 2. The board game piece brushes the latter minute to be able to turn chess soul this point basically is does not have the dispute, we must do only are it massacre in a minute which the board game piece brushes, that why some troops do brush the chess time can leave the soul, even has been cannot brush? Mainly is troop's overall striking power insufficiently creates. Troop's overall striking power has included the treasure beast's striking power three aspects which the troop member itself striking power, member's heart law as well as the member goes to battle. The troop member's quality is entering the transcription time already had determined, does not have any flattery. Under mainly said the treasure beast and the skill question. About treasure beast, because board game piece itself cannot attack, therefore the treasure beast death danger, in addition board game piece itself has not experienced high, therefore brushed the chess to become the fast promotion treasure beastly rank gold opportunity. Certainly did not mean brushes chess not energy band BB, but everybody must a little self-consciousness, after although the nonessential firm decision said 100 trades BB, but saw in the troop striking power insufficient situation you were should exchange own main attack baby but are not blame the troop to use the group to use to get angry? Therefore the belt does not bring BB mainly is observes the troop the whole attack to suffice the insufficient question, if everybody attack is all high, 6 individual all bring BB not to leave the soul in the same old way, but the striking power not high speech, brings BB all to have to have the problem. About the skill, the skill striking power is higher than evenly attacks, how did troop's members guarantee the biggest attack output (here does not calculate baby's attack) is brushes the chess to succeed Yu Fou key. Certainly, here said the success refers does not leave the soul. Such saying everybody had all understood, after confirmed the board game piece was the fixed time brushes but is not is changed the skill attack renovates the time, this point also without a doubt: With! Why doesn't need, to have any skill all entirely to pound, like this can guarantee you are the biggest attack output, like this you only then cannot turn that person which in the troop mixes the experience, the troop are a whole, some time everybody should a little sacrifice the spirit. In brief, brushes the chess troop with not to need the skill, the belt not to bring BB only to receive a condition restriction, that is your current troop's overall striking power. When as for uses the skill, when divides the person to brush black one one is white, when trades BB, these all are in some skill things, here does not relate in detail. Please remember, does not want the blind blame teammate, the key to have point of you to have to ask oneself: Actually have you made what for this troop? Second, brushes 3 to surround BOSS, brushes counter- thief chieftain Fallacy 1: Only can use evenly to attack Fallacy 2: Cannot use the anger Fallacy 3: Brushes bandit's BOSS certainly to have to direct two time to hit again cannot strengthen Fallacy 4: BOSS catches time no matter any skill all can use First gives everybody to explain a principle: Everybody should know we put the treasure beast to go to battle, sit the saddle horse, the use localization symbol, the EM use flush empty cultivate vital energy the skill and so on to be able to appear gathers when the trough, when gathers the trough walks the full time our operation can complete. If in livestock time in the process receives the enough attack can cause when the livestock the trough backlash, and continues to gather time; When you are selected by the enemy the hole, like seals resembles shuts, restricts or inhibit somebody's movements or activities and so on in controllability skill attack time, can maintain the condition which is presented by the skill attack, and cancels this operation; If you do not perform other operations or have not come under the attack, when livestock when the trough can continue the livestock, until gathers completely completes the operation (quite to be special localization symbol, comes under attack to be able to cancel operation). The attention, here said is when a livestock trough, also is the releasing time, certainly is not so-called gathers was mad the trough, the livestock anger trough, two has the essence to distinguish. Because in this process no matter your anger or were mad all does not have any change. Actually we are named BOSS caught has been also same with the above principle, because BOSS some groups attacked also need the releasing time, the BOSS whole body exuded the light is for ours prompt, indicated BOSS when the livestock in process, if we could give to the enough attack, could let BOSS continuously maintained when the livestock in the process, the abbreviation "has caught". Therefore, when BOSS is in gathers gaseity condition us to have to pay attention to following several points: 1. Gives the BOSS enough attack 2. Avoids the application point hole, like seals resembles shuts, restricts or inhibit somebody's movements or activities and so on the controllability skill How gives the BOSS enough attack? Actually and brushes the chess similarly, looked the troop the overall striking power, here is not redundant. Front adds on had said certainly is not so-called gathers is mad the trough, the livestock anger trough, therefore certainly does not affect hits blue, hits the angry skill the use. Therefore, except the controllability skill, other all skills can use to use, the guarantee troop's overall striking power is a key! As for brushes the view which bandit's BOSS certainly must direct two time to hit again cannot strengthen, I did not know is spreads from where, when I heard when this view I also specially tested many (practice not to have right to speak), discovered directed two time of BOSS still to have the possibility to be able to be the strengthening, but strengthened the probability has not directed time in a big way (this is fact), but was not said had to direct two time only then to be good. Under first said the BOSS strengthening skill the principle Bandit BOSS (below calls him the original name: The Ge glory) strengthens the skill and brushes the bear young Xiong to be same, they in first time attack enemy's flash Cluck-cluck ghost Tarou animation 9th speech The evil spirit beastly star wickedly does learns from experienced people four person of evil spirits beastly versions The mobile battleship Nadesico hand manages Fist emperor wheat outstanding sex appeal silk stockings COS Previous: Confraternity of beggars BB and 5 skills must definitely next: Popular pet skill book analysis Newest message Altogether has the message 0 more messages >> Term of endearment: Content: Statement You publish the opinion is read by the multitudinous person, therefore, you publish the opinion should not violate the Chinese law, does not violate the general moral principle, otherwise, you must to you not when the opinion initiation all not good consequence is responsible; In addition, our manager is authorized to deletes you publishes does not work as the opinion. 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Beijing ICP proves 000,044 iteration test 21 fallacies and the fact 01-08 (chart) 01-08 lacks the frequently asked questions faq take the knowledge as core demand of management ALM which the disposition management will create 01-08 to have to carry on the demand management? The novice starts off the guide forum essence article testing tool skillful forum popular article in 2007 in the cultural event 10 key words to let person... car be inferior to the large cart security fallacy end is broken [ 07-30 ] interprets drawings buys vehicle Northern Europe prevailing custom fertile C30 Sweden overland flight expert Sa to be abundant 93. looked automatic files Fox 2.0 movements versions more and more attractive domestic product new Mongolia enlightens European most familiar strange National People's Congress mouth 307. CTS the Larke type esthetic standard completely ... this to ask that, obviously lets this fallacy be thrown into confusion. Again asks a question, since the Great Cultural Revolution creates the army to be chaotic, then ten year Great Cultural Revolution period, why doesn't have the foreign army tostart the large-scale aggression? Must know that, the Great Cultural Revolution period China and Soviet Union has had the militaryconflict, finally Soviet army after probe or does not dare to start the aggression; The American army and the national strength but unusual formidable... book specialized middle school to write is in vogue the restaurant life, indulged in unbridled propaganda "is similarlylascivious, did not need to divide the men and women; The good female but the fine-looking man, is not good obscene but non- is lascivious "and so on the fallacy ,spares no details reveals all sorts of denatured psychology, , the sons of the rich or influential apparents with the between the same disposition to love, actually the same disposition deceitful ugly condition lifelike assumes on the paper, is late clear Chinese...

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